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Contoursoft Adaptatoe Tights - Girls

T0982G by Bloch

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Bloch T0982G Contoursoft Adaptatoe Tights feature a soft feel and extra spandex to help them hold their shape. The wide knitted waistband is form fitting and has been tested to hit at the perfect waist height for ultimate comfort. A convertible foot allows dancers to wear the tights as footed or footless.

Product Sizing Guide for Bloch Tights


  Weight (lbs) Height (ft)
Child Petite 29-38 3”4’-3”10’
Child Small 38-48 3”10’-4”2’
Child Medium 48-65 4”2’-4”7’
Child Large 65-75 4”7-5”0’
Child X-Large 75-90 5”0’-5”4’


  Weight (lbs) Height (ft)
A (Petite) 90-125 4”10’-5”3’
B (Small) 105-140 5”0’-5”6'
C (Medium) 120-155 5”3’-5”9’
XLD (Large) 135-175 5”6’-6”0’

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