Dance Team Wear

Create a line of branded products that dancers go crazy for.

When your dancers wear your studio clothing, they build brand awareness in their communities, and keep you top-of-mind.


dance team wear - wear your studio

How Your Studio Can Benefit From Branded Team Apparel

Boost your studio visibility

There's nothing quite like the feeling of rolling up to an event in your team swag. It shows off your team spirit, and it looks cool, too.

Say, "These are my people"

Being part of a team is something most of us remember our whole lives. Whether it's a hip hop collective or a ballet company, Dance Team Wear helps to reinforce that sense of camaraderie.

Increase Revenue 

Dance Team Wear by Inspirations is here to help you make custom apparel choices that suit your needs and budget. When dancers go crazy for your swag, your products sell, and your studio profits, we all win.

Get paid to advertise 

Studio apparel is advertising. When dancers purchase and wear your line of branded products, they're helping you build brand awareness in all their extended communities.

Your dancers want it

They're proud to be a part of your studio, and they get to show that off by wearing your unique Dance Team Wear. Let them express their pride by offering them a line of branded products that they'll want to wear all the time.

Samples of custom dance uniforms by DanceTeamWear

To see our customized apparel options, you can check out our DanceTeamWear™ website, which showcases a selection of the most popular products in the industry. It's a great starting off point in selecting your studio’s apparel. Once you have taken a browse through, feel free to check out the “How to Order” page and fill out the contact form and our Dance Team Wear representative will reach out to you.