What is DanceTeamWear™?

DanceTeamWear is a discount custom apparel program offered to dance studios and members of the dance community. It is an easy and fun way for you to get your students the team apparel that they need to represent your studio or dance group in style. Whether it’s streetwear, warm-up wear or dancewear we have you covered in a wide range of sizes and styles. 

Great team wear makes us feel like we’re part of something truly special. It expresses our hard work and acts as a memento of meaningful relationships. It includes beginner and senior dancers in the same group, and says, ‘I belong here. These are my people.’

What do I get as a DanceTeamWear™ member?

1. Your very own customized studio apparel line and look book.
2. Access to year round 20% discount.
3. Exclusive access to seasonal promotions.
4. Personalized assistance from your order coordinator.

    Knowledgeable help is available

    Coordinating all the elements that go into team apparel is what we excel at. We help you choose quality clothing to represent your studio, make sure the sizes are right, and that all of it happens on time. We want your focus to be where it matters, that’s why we do all the heavy lifting. We will design customized look-books, mock-ups, order forms and profit margins for your studio. All you need to do is create your line and collect order forms and payment! 

    How do I get started?

    The first step is applying to become a member – it’s FREE! All you do is fill out the membership application form. You must be a Canadian dance school, studio owner, or a member of the dance community, to be considered. One of our team members will review your application and get back to you within a few days.

    Is DanceTeamWear™ For Me?

    If any of the following sound familiar, then DanceTeamWear™ is for you:

    • I want my students to have clothing to represent our studio, in the community, and at competitions.
    • I have tried to source garments on my own and have found it too time consuming.
    • Team culture is super important to me, and team apparel is one way I would like to cultivate it.
    • I want to work with someone who understands my unique needs.