Pro Flex Pointe Shoe

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Pro Flex Pointe Shoe 1509PF from Grishko is an exceptional pointe shoe. This shoe includes all of the original features of the Grishko 2007 with a few new details including: new noise reducing strips, a Grishko Flex bottom, and inner sole that natural flexes with the dancer's foot. The natural flex of the shoe allows for a seamless roll-up to demi or full pointe without damaging the shank. Requires almost no time to break in and are incredibly quiet on stage.

Features of the Pro Flex Pointe Shoe

  • Same features of the Grishko 2007
  • New noise reducing strips
  • Grishko Flex bottom
  • Inner sole that natural flexes

Getting Fitted for Pointe Shoes

To ensure an accurate fit for pointe shoes, please book an appointment with a pointe shoe specialist.

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