Phoenix Pointe Shoe

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Phoenix Pointe Shoe 1146W from Capezio is an exceptional pointe shoe. This pointe shoe is expertly hand crafted and designed to rise above the rest with lightweight technology and sleek lines to provide dancers with precision and grace. Low vamp, slight U shaped throat, plush binding provides maximum stretch, pleat free design and skived ball of foot for smooth roll through. High and wide platform, high and feathered wings and a new heel design that relieves excess pressure from the achilles.

Features of the Phoenix Pointe Shoe

  • Hand crafted
  • Lightweight, sleek lines
  • Low vamp
  • Slight U shaped throat
  • Plush binding provides maximum stretch
  • Pleat free design
  • Skived ball of foot
  • High and wide platform
  • High and feathered wings