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Due to the impact of COVID-19, there are industry-wide delays and backorders affecting all dancewear brands. Please anticipate delays. We will provide you with backorder information as soon as we receive those details from our suppliers. The Studio Wholesale Program customer service team is working as quickly as possible to process all orders. Please note we cannot accommodate add-on or rush orders.


Bloch Spin II Lyrical Half Sole Shoe SO639L

The Bloch SO639L Spin II Lyrical Half Sole Shoe is an outstanding shoe. The shoe is made out of soft, elasticized canvas that will keep its shape while you dance. Also, this shoe double silicone lined elastic straps for secure fit. From stage, this peach-coloured shoe gives the illusion of bare feet. Perfect for lyrical, modern, contemporary, or jazz.

Features of the Spin II Lyrical Half Sole Shoe

  • The wide elasticized binding along the top line and inner lined silicone ensure a tight, non-slip fit
  • Outsole with traditional ballet flat pleating allows toes to spread naturally, while suede outsole allows for multiple turns with ease
  • Wide, elasticized binding along the top line and inner lined silicone ensure a tight, non-slip fit
  • The Spin II incorporates stretch canvas, soft wide elastic binding and inner silicone to ensure a seamless fit
  • Innovative stretch canvas fibers always recover to the neutral shape of the foot
  • Stretch Canvas Upper, Suede Outsole

Bloch Spin II Lyrical Half Sole Shoe SO639L

Product Sizing Guide for Bloch

SO639 Spin II Lyrical Half Sole Shoe

US Ladies 3 - 3.5 4 - 5.5 5.5 - 8 8 - 10 10 - 12.5
Choose This Size XS S M L XL


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