Apolla Performance Wear

Apolla Performance Wear is a company dedicated to delivering high quality, high performance, and innovative products designed specifically to meet dancers' needs.

Did you know?

  • Dancers have a lifetime injury incidence of up to 90% and typically incur more injuries than either football or rugby players.
  • Injuries from the knee down are twice as likely in dance than in most other traditional sports, with foot and ankle injuries accounting for over 50% of all injuries in professional dancers.
  • Dancing barefoot does not provide sufficient support.

Apolla Shocks - A Dancewear Innovation

Designed Using Anatomy, Kinesiology & Cutting-Edge Sports Science Technology to Protect Dancers from Injury.

Apolla Shocks incorporate the power of sports science technology with the tradition of dance to provide arch support, protection from impact & improved performance. All while maintaining the dancer's ability to feel the floor.

Shoe + Sock = Shock

Apolla Shock - The Alpha - Feature Graphic

Apolla's innovative sports technology creates a unique product which feels like a sock, yet has the support of a dance shoe. These contemporary performance dance socks, called Apolla Shocks, prevent injury by lifting & supporting the arch while dancing with no shoes, and while providing optimal circulation for the feet.

Apolla Shocks offer:

  • A foundation of support
  • Decreased joint shock
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased stability
  • Moisture wicking to keep feet fresh and dry
  • Anti-microbial to keep bacteria from growing
  • Compression to improve circulation
  • Available with or without invisible traction

3 Levels of Support

  1. The Alpha - Standard Support
  2. The Performance - Extra Support
  3. The Infinite - Maximum Support

Traction or No Traction?

For dancers who want to have more grip on the floor, Apolla offers a customizable traction grip. Like a shoe, the traction is designed to wear down to the perfect pointe for the dancer. To refresh the grip, the dancer can add an economical adhesive spray to keep the traction exactly as he or she likes it. Apolla also offers a no-traction Shock for dancers who  prefer that.

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